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How To Create SEO-Friendly Content

          Google is the most popular search engine in the community. For a blogger surely they often find out about how to make their content in like by the readers and get a good ranking on search engines. It goes back to your goal of why it created the blog. If your goal to do business then you should consider some things that will be discussed in this article. Content that the reader will surely enjoy will benefit blogs or websites because readers will most likely re-visit our blog, therefore create interesting and useful content for readers, so readers really feel getting the information they are looking for when visiting our blog.


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            Some of your readers certainly do not want to read an article that only aims for SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) only, because what they want, is to read interesting information from your blog. Similarly with search engines because search engines prefer the content of nature in comparison with content that deliberately made with the purpose of SEO alone. Although the content you write is created naturally, that does not mean the content cannot be optimized for search engines. Make original content, this is a very important thing that must be done so that the content we make is liked by readers and Google. Create content using your own language style and your own writing, try to make sentences and words that appeal to readers.


          Everyone loves to-the-point talk. If we create content that explains in-depth about a topic, of course this will get better. Long and in-depth articles are usually better positioned on search engines than short and shallow articles. Not that every article with a lot of words will always win in search engines. This is just a picture that the quality of content is very important if you want to get a good ranking on Google. Do not also force yourself to create long articles, make the article in accordance with the facts and in accordance with your knowledge.


          Usually content with long titles will be more advantageous on the search engine when compared with the title that is too short. It is true that with the length of the keyword in the title of the content generally searches will be less when compared with short keywords. But the fact is that content with long titles will usually be better positioned in search engines when compared with content that has a short title. In addition, content with long titles and descriptive ones generally have better conversions.


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          If your website or blog already has a loyal reader then you should also be ready in giving a response or should be able to answer comments or questions that are conveyed by them. Get used to being able to provide the answers they need and match your topic. If we look from the SEO side, the involvement of readers in a blog is an advantage. But if you need SEO for your website their many SEO companies and we are from Algo Sea Biz one of the SEO companies in Bali, ready to help you for more info on content and SEO please visit our SEO company.

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