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          Internal links have the same effect as external links. The difference, the website owner can control 100% of the amount, location, and structure. Building internal links means building a website structure. And to build a strong structure is not enough just to rely on 'related posts' and links in the navigation menu. There are techniques to make your website more robust. Many websites, especially blogs and online stores rely solely on related posts that are created automatically to build internal links. This way is not good enough to build a website design structure. Since links in related posts are automatically created by the system, you have no power to determine which pages are most important on your website. With related posts, all content becomes the same level. No content is considered important, no content is supported. This is because one page links other pages without the same quantity. If you only use related posts, it means you just rely on backlinks to determine the priority page. Visitors are also less likely to visit pages in related posts than that manually created internal links.


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          As a trusted SEO agency in Bali, we, Algo Sea Biz want to emphasize that the internal link is a link from a one-page website or blog to another page on the same website or blog, where the contents are still related to the word we want to link it. Example: in words "Definition of SEO" we give Link to the article or page on our website or blog that we have created with the title Definition of SEO. This is one way to help Google crawlers navigate our pages. By creating internal links, you've helped search engines to explore your site easily and quickly. Posting a lot of content with internal links will certainly be better than letting the posting page have no links to your other post pages. Creating internal links to other pages with relevant keywords is a very effective way to increase the SEO value of your posts. This will help the Search Engine to understand the content of your website as a whole.


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          Quality content is strongly favored by Google so that the content gets a good position on the first page (page one). Some content may be drowned and more difficult to find by your website visitors because of a large amount of new content or on other websites or blogs making the same title content and the content more qualified than yours. If you have a page of content that you want to show to your blog visitors, but it turns out the page is not as popular as other pages, then you can add internal links to the page so that visitors can find those pages. You can try our suggestion if you want your page to be more popular and if you need our help feel free to contact us. We are one of the best Indonesian and Bali SEO companies. It is time for you to succeed with us.

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