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The Important Elements In Web Design

          No matter how big the size of a business, without a website, the business will not be taken seriously and will likely decrease their chances of being discovered by new customers. A well-designed website can also allow small business owners to compete with the big business owners in the increasingly competitive consumer market. As an internet user, business owners, bloggers, or even web developers we must know the elements or things that exist on a website.


Bali web design


On a website, there are various elements that affect each other. If these elements are implemented and maximized properly then the website that you build today can grow and grow to become larger. Web design is always changing with the times. There is a completely new trend, there is also a repetition of the trend a few years back. However, the essential elements in it have not changed much. The web design element is not just for the beautiful website to be seen, but also to make it easier for readers and Google when surfing the website.


The following are important elements in web design :


1. Content

The content of a site is basically information and articles that are usually located in the middle. This article you are reading now is also part of the content. Content is the most important part of a blog or website.


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2. Layout

The layout of a website should consider making it easier for readers to digest the flow of information. Pay attention to the overall hierarchy and the balance of the layout. The most common arrangement is top-down-left-right.


3. Header

The header is the top of a website. It usually contains the site name, logo, and description. The header serves to display the main identity of a site.


4. Color Selection

The most important thing about the website is the content, do not let the background color you use is more crowded than the content itself. Color also affects the psychology of the reader, creating mood, even intruding into the subconscious.


Bali web design


5. Navigation

Navigation is like a guide that makes it easier for readers to search for any content category or product they want. Put navigation where it's easy to find, also choose an easy-to-use navigation form for readers to linger on your site.


6. Sharing Button Bar

A sharing button bar is a place where various types of buttons that share to social media is located. This share button serves to share posts or content on pages visited the visitor's social media. The most common buttons are buttons like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


         That was the important element in web design, we do hope our writing will inspire people when make web design. But if you need help our team in Bali Website Videos ready to serve you, we are professional web design in Bali that has many clients from local people in Bali and from international too with professional work results.

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